6 Reasons behind the Ever-growing Popularity of Traditional Indian Clothing

6 Reasons behind the Ever-growing Popularity of Traditional Indian Clothing

India’s vibrant and diverse culture has a big influence on a large number of countries the world over. Many countries have already adopted India’s concepts across the walks of life, and many others are in the process of adoption. Although India’s religions and philosophy have always had a deep impact on the rest of the world, its traditional clothing, dance, cuisine, and customs have also created a very powerful impression across the globe.

India’s traditional clothing has been influencing the global fashion industry for many decades. The Sari which is a wrapped garment has got immense popularity across the globe as the most adored and appreciated traditional Indian garment. Exploring some more reasons behind the ever-growing popularity of Indian garments, this blog sheds light on the aspects of the traditional Indian clothing the world admires:

1. Versatility

Traditional Indian clothing produced by the top garment manufacturers in India leaves the world stunned because of its versatility. Indian clothing is not only fashionable but also elegant with a perfect suitability for wearing in any season and on every occasion. The high-end looks of Indian clothing are highly sought-after the world over. Be it the quality of the fabric used, comfort, or the glamour quotient, Indian clothing is versatile on each and every parameter. High-quality fabric, comfort, coziness, and style are not possible to be found easily in clothes the world over but Indian clothing combines them all.

2. Indian clothing involves layering

If you are a clothing enthusiast, then you might have an idea about what layering actually is in ready-to-wear clothes. Layering is actually an art form that makes the clothes appear both stylish and appealing. A well-carried out layering job on the clothes can transform any outfit to the extent of a stunning surprise. Fashion enthusiasts across the globe love Indian clothing just because of this layering concept which makes the clothes not only unique but also artistic.

3. Indian clothing keeps pace with the global fashion trends

Indian clothing is not only fabulous and elegant in style and appearance but also trendy as per the global fashion trends. This is because the top exporters of garments in India always remain conscious of the latest fashion trends knowing the fact that the demand for their clothes is breaking all the geographical boundaries. This is the reason almost all the reputed garment manufacturing units across the country have established a dedicated research and development wing that takes care of the aspects related to the trends taking place in the global fashion markets.

The personnel deployed in the R&D area always remain in sync with what is happening in the global fashion industry and instruct the production department accordingly to come up with the desired results. What’s more, they ideate, innovate, and create a wide range of ‘first-time’ clothes for the global fashion markets. The exporters of the garments in India also take it a challenge to offer clothes that are Indian by their nature but global by appeal in terms of fashion statements.

4. Cost-effective yet superlative in quality

The raw material is the base of every piece of clothes that Indian garment exporters manufacture and supply. Indian clothing is cost-effective yet superlative in quality because the raw materials to be used (mainly cotton) are harvested in plenty in different states of the country. Millions of people are involved in the agriculture of cotton to earn their livelihood. Therefore, the easy and cost-effective availability of the raw material finally results in affordable end-products with no compromise on quality.

Another reason why Indian clothing is affordable yet qualitative is that both skilled and qualified professionals are cheap in the country which ultimately contributes to the overall low-production cost. Each manufacturing unit has a dedicated quality inspection department wherein each and every piece of garment undergoes stringent quality tests before they are sent to the packaging department.

5. Manufacturers’ ability to take on the customized jobs

Another top reason why Indian clothing is getting popular across the globe lies in the manufacturers' ability to take on customized garment-making jobs on any scale and magnitude. Fashion enthusiasts in different countries have many different choices and preferences as per their cultures and fashion statements. Indian garment manufacturers can live up to their expectations by delivering clothes in the style, pattern, and precision exactly as per their requirements.

The workmen in the Indian garment units can make clothes for the European and African populace with equal expertise but with an approach asked for. Be it clothing for kids, adults, grownups, or the elderly ones, Indian garment exporters can customize clothes for all of them. Along with it, on the technological front also, Indian garment manufacturers and suppliers are investing hugely in the latest tools and machinery to upgrade their infrastructure to meet the specific needs of their customers in each and every part of the world. 

6. Indian clothing is timeless

Needless to say, ethnic wear is the most established traditional Indian dress but it is still timeless and relevant even in contemporary times. Stylists across the globe believe that traditional Indian clothing styles will never be going irrelevant because of their universal appeal and allure. The quality, the layers, the cuts, and the versatile designs of Indian clothing still have relevance in any society across the globe. This is the treason these Indian clothes are always successful in surviving the test of time. 

Concluding Remarks

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