The best way to find the right garment manufacturing company in India

The best way to find the right garment manufacturing company in India

A venture in the clothing and garment industry can be a great idea if you have the right resources. The best part of investing in this industry and launching a new brand is the profit margin. You will be surprised to know what international brands make as a profit from the top markets in the world. They invest a nominal percentage of the sale price of the products by hiring top-level manufacturing companies in India.

If you are willing to fuel your dream to launch a garment company of your own and showcase your talent then this is the right time to jump in. Dive deeper to find out the leading garment manufacturing companies in India and make the most out of your resources.

Why should you hire a garment manufacturer?

It is a myth that top-level brands have manufacturing units. Companies with big brand values will not invest in an infrastructure that needs to be changed and upgraded frequently. They will just sign a contract and hire the cheap and best labour from the most profitable locations in the world and get the clothing items manufactured.

All they will do is set the standards of the clothes used to manufacture a product line and ensure the quality is maintained at the designated level. The rest will be taken care of by the manufacturing units hired for such ventures. These brands make profits ten to a hundred times more than the cost price of a clothing item. Can you believe it?

How can you find the right garment manufacturer?

As per the garment boutique expert, all you need is a visible difference and spark in your garment and clothing line. The new brand should be more visible to the audience of a potential market. You must have a flair for designing garments and manufacturing them in the most profitable way. To support your dreams, you will need the assistance and service of the top clothing manufacturers in India. This is what you need to do and look for to find the right garment manufacturers in India.

1.  What do you want to make?

The first step is to determine what you want to make. Choose your niche and decide what you want to design from scratch. Find out the audience that will buy your ideas and check their demography. Discover what they like and how you can meet their expectations by designing the right product line.

Your product line description will be the first step to building a strong platform for building the right infrastructure to fuel your dreams. Based on the product description, you can start looking for the best manufacturing units in India.
Make a well-defined product description file that the manufacturers can understand. Learn the market linguistics and make a good profile before you start approaching the top manufacturers.

2. List of manufacturers

Now that you have made it to the next level, start scouting for the top names in the market. You can also find reputed names online. Make a list of those names and visit the official websites. Check the infrastructure and find out the contemporary clients they are working for.

Make a list of those manufacturers who offer the right platform for your dream clothing line. If you want to venture into casual wear and want to manufacture in bulk then choose the names accordingly. If you want a limited edition clothing line to be manufactured by top-class boutique units then make a similar list.

3. Approach and explain

Approach the names on your list and give your product ideas to them. Let them analyse and sit across the table to take it to the next level. Make your business plans ready and decide the volume you want to prepare at the primary stage.

Now that the manufacturers will get an idea of what you want to manufacture and what volume you need, they will calculate the cost of infrastructure to be used in this project and set a price. This service charge will be the calling card for your business proposal. Get as many proposals as you can to understand the current rate in the market for your business plan.

4. Compare and proceed

Now that you have a good idea of what your clothing business idea is going to cost, you can compare the infrastructure of the service providers and the service charges for this contract to choose a handful of names.

Shortlist the names and approach them again. it is also better to visit the place where your clothes will be manufactured physically to get a good idea of the infrastructure. In this way, you can make a final move and make a proper decision.

5. Ask for samples

Ask those promising names on the list for samples. Get it checked by the experts in your team and decide on the quality. Make sure you are choosing the right names based on the samples provided. You can also ask for references from the clients they have worked with before.

6.  Sign a contract and set your clauses properly

Design a contract when you have chosen the right names from the list. Make sure all the clauses and terms in the contract have been designed as per your expectations and preserve your best interests. Once you are confident enough, sign the contract and set your quality level to your expectation.


The experts in this industry suggest choosing a garment exporter who is also a manufacturer. Only the best exporters like Modelama Exports are capable of sticking to international standards and maintaining the highest-grade quality of clothing items. Remember the customers of the European and American continents are very sensitive when it comes to clothing items.
Hence, choosing an exporter is ideal for your business venture. Set a deal and sign the contract to kick-start your own clothing brand. You can also use their channels to export items outside India and make good profits. Focus on your plans and keep these points in mind when you look for a garment manufacturer and exporter.

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