8 Indomitable Styling Tips for Short Women

8 Indomitable Styling Tips for Short Women

What? You’re 5 feet 2 inches! Does it make you feel confined when it comes to styling? It is okay to be shorter than a woman with average height. You may not find it the best. But trust yourself because it is not the worst thing in the world. In fact, when dressed properly, petite women look adorable. The best clothing manufacturers in India, indeed, design clothing that looks perfect for women having shorter heights.

Dressing and styling are not the concerns of short-heightened women or men, only. Actually, every person, whether tall, short, or average in height, loves to explore styling trends. Looking your best in every outfit you wear is your birthright. Be ready to claim it with these 8 unbeatable styling tips for the Petites.
Tips that are mentioned here are not restrictive for any size. The target of these styling tips is lasses or ladies with a shorter height.  

Say no to baggy Outfits

Fitting is indomitable when you are searching for clothes for shorter heights. Ill-fitted clothes can never be a part of fashion. To quench your desire to look your best, make sure that you select outfits that are tailored to your body’s silhouette.

For example, a baggy T-shirt with an oversized pair of pants will weigh your personality down. In reality, oversized clothes make you look and feel bulkier. In some cases, baggy outfits make you feel drowned. What you need is to highlight your features. To ensure that, select clothes that fit your body frame. Nothing too tight or too loose, just your authentic size!  

Commit to flared Jeans!

Flared jeans make your legs look leaner and aligned. Instead of opting for regular fitted jeans, go for the flared legs. If longer legs have ever fascinated you, flared jeans are perfect to soothe your style cravings.

Flared jeans are slightly fitted on the thighs while they broaden up gracefully to your ankles. Thus, your legs look longer. Your curves stand out, elegantly. Go for modest, not exaggerated, flared jeans to give you the perfect look! Excessive flare would make you look shorter. Tuck in a fitted shirt with your jeans and you are ready to exhibit the best version of yourself.

Play smart with Colors

Color invites attention. Hence, a specific color will draw attention to the particular part where you are wearing it. Colors giving an elongated look to your legs should be worn with tucked-in tops. This is the right way to draw attention toward your legs that are endowing a taller and leaner appearance to your body frame. 

Think about a monochromatic color scheme in winter. The monochromatic scheme helps you stand out. It requires you to wear more than one color from the same family. For example, in winter you can try it with trench coats with a pair of skinny-fit jeans. But align the colors together from top to bottom. Keep a single color from the torso to the legs, and choose a different color, from the same family, for footwear. 

Balanced Accessories

Refrain from overwhelming yourself when it comes to accessories. Of course, the market is full of options. Online shopping has made things more feasible. However, do not create possession of oversized accessories, such as hats, bags, and scarves.
Just like baggy outfits, oversized accessories can overwhelm your body frame. You would call for all the attention of folks to your accessories as they appear heavier than you. For a petite woman, carrying heavier accessories would be bothersome as well. Style yourself with jewelry, stoles, or bags, but ensure that they are proportionate to your body frame.

Vertical Line Layering

Short women often make the mistake of wearing horizontal layers i.e. multiple clothing that you have worn make horizontal lines. In this way, your body looks oversized. A leaner look is essential to accentuate your curves.
If you are opting to layer a pair of jeans with a shirt and a jacket, keep your shirt tucked in. The upshot is that your body with all the clothes and footwear would create one vertical line when you finish dressing up. The loosely styled clothing makes you look shorter from top to bottom. Hence, try not to leave any loose ends.  

Focus on the Legs, not Torso

As the emphasis is always on your legs, avoid wearing long T-shirts or sweaters. Your prime focus should be your legs and not your torso. The longer tops make your legs look shorter, which is not something that you are looking for.
Tunics can be viewed as an example here. Indeed, short tops are considered a better fit for a petite. 

Define your Waistline

Paying close attention to the waistline is crucial for women having short heights. Defining the waist helps in giving perfect balance to your entire body. Your body looks adequately proportionate with outfits that properly align with your waist.
If an outfit that you are wearing is elongated downward make sure to put a belt around your waist. The cinching in the middle, properly, set the body into the right proportions. For smart dressing for short women, belting is a suitable option.

Choose Shoes that lift You up!

Shoes reveal a lot about your personality. So, don’t compromise for clean sneakers that are low profile. When you are short, you should opt for shoes that give a boost to your height. Shoes that are tucked into the ground are not an appropriate fit if you have a short height.

What is your option then? Footwear with raised soles is a delightful option that accessorizes your appearance. Your body always aligns with your footwear. With a raised sole, your body straightens up cutting off the slouch you feel in low-profile shoes. While soled sneakers are a great option for summer, a chilly winter gives you the alternative of a captivating array of boots.

On the Last Note

Congratulations! You have taken the first step toward smart styling. If you find this information too much then take one thing at a time. Check out the latest collections launched by ladies clothing suppliers for more inspiration.
Never be shy about finding clothes that blend with your height. But, do remember that your posture has a greater role to play when you are talking about styling for petite women. Do not lower your confidence for your height because you are perfect just the way you are. Tuck out your chin and be ready to greet the world with confidence and a lovely smile.

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