Top 5 Garment Manufacturers and Exporters in India

Top 5 Garment Manufacturers and Exporters in India

Among many business opportunities available in our country, a business in the garment industry, be it men, women, or kids can be very beneficial. Starting your business in the garment industry doesn’t mean that you have to open a manufacturing unit. That can be a difficult task for a person who is starting their career as an entrepreneur. You have the option of finding the best garment manufacturers in India and making bulk purchases in order to start your business. However, finding the top garment manufacturers in India requires diligence and attention to detail. Before knowing about manufacturers we need to know about the ways to find the best garment manufacturers.

What Factors are crucial to the decision?

Factors that are crucial while finding the top garment export houses in India that manufacture garments are listed below –
•  Areas of specialization
• Geographical distance
•  Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)
•  On-time delivery in case of huge order sizes
•  Manufacturing process that is in sync with sustainability
•  Innovative and trendy designs and samplings
•   Scope of customization of designs as per client profile
•   Reliability in terms of workmanship, quality, and ethical work practices.

Renowned export houses like Modelama Exports abide by these practices to make sure that the clients that deal with them get full value for the money invested.

How to find top garment exporters in India?

The final decision of selecting a particular garment manufacturer as the best depends upon you. But, in order to reach this conclusion, we can take the help of the following sources –


The Internet today has become an extensively reliable source for everything that we do. We can easily look for anything in general and find amazing solutions over the internet. Using the internet you can find websites of top exporters of garments and get detailed information about their products and services.

Trade fairs

Connecting with manufacturers in the country can also be accomplished through trade fairs and industry meet-ups. You can get in touch with the best garment manufacturers from all over India to discuss your specific needs during the event.

Word of Mouth

A traditional method of finding reliable top garment exporters is through word-of-mouth. Those who have already established themselves in this business of textiles may be able to provide links to manufacturers. It only takes a simple question, and you will be able to choose from many options.

List of top garment manufacturers in India!

You can apply the above method and find the best manufacturers for your business. Or, you can rely on the list we are providing you. The best garment manufacturers in India are listed below –

Modelama Exports

Modelama Exports Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading top garment exporters in India that is relied on for progressing and quality manufacturing of garments falling in the men, women, and kids categories. Both in India and abroad, the company tailors clothing to meet the precise needs of its customers. In the woven garment market, it has established numerous benchmarks of excellence based on its technical expertise and efficiency. We have always been focused on innovation and creativity at Modelama Exports. Our precision and dedication to delivering work are visible in our exclusive and trendsetting product line.

Mandhana Industries LTD.

Mandhana is a multi-divisional textile and garment manufacturer in India. They have set-ups in multiple geographical locations. The company has a state-of-the-art infrastructure through which it offers customized apparel manufacturing.

Alok Industries Ltd.

Alok Industries Ltd. is a vertically integrated textile company. It provides comprehensive solutions through five core sectors. These sectors are cotton yarn, apparel fabric, home textiles, garments, and polyester yarn.

Arvind Mill

Arvind Mills is a company founded in 1931 by three brothers. It is known as a manufacturer of high-end superfine fabrics in India.

KPR Mill

KPR Mill Limited is another vertically integrated apparel manufacturing company in India. The company deals in producing yarn knitted gray, dyed fabric, and readymade garments.

End Note

Among many export houses and manufacturing units, Modelama stands out from the rest. The best garment manufacturers in India like Modelama Exports are capable of sticking to international standards. The manufacturing process aims at maintaining the highest-grade quality of clothing items.

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