Best Tips to Choose The Best Women Apparel Manufacturer

Best Tips to Choose The Best Women Apparel Manufacturer

It does not matter whether you want to set up a big retail store for selling women apparel or keep things simple by selling them online. What matters is whether you choose the proper apparel manufacturer.

The quality of the manufacturer has a lot to do with the success of your business. So while choosing the proper manufacturer can do your business, selecting the wrong one can break your business. And that sums up why you should make sincere efforts to select the appropriate manufacturer.

The women clothing industry in India is highly competitive. And, many reputed women apparel manufacturers dominate the industry. Such manufacturers have big budgets, celebrity endorsements, and years of experience apart from being conversant with the nitty-gritty aspects of the industry.

But, that does not mean that the road to the industry is blocked for aspiring entrepreneurs. With the availability of eCommerce platforms, newbie entrepreneurs also can run women apparel businesses successfully. 

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, you could have many things in your mind, such as a business idea, niche, or clothing design. But, at the same time, you might not be entirely sure where to start or whom to trust. And, such confusions force many entrepreneurs to give up before they begin.

However, such concerns are not a cause to worry as there are effective ways to find the proper manufacturer. It will help if you consider some factors before you finalize a manufacture.

Factors to Look at Prospective Women Apparel Manufacturers

The first step in your clothing business journey is to shortlist a few women apparel manufacturers. Subsequently, you need to evaluate each of them based on the following factors:

Can The Manufacturer Make Your Product?

It is an important parameter to examine. Not all clothing manufacture can produce all types of apparel. Therefore, you should ensure that the manufacture you choose can deliver your desired apparel. If you find a manufacturer specializing in the apparel type you intend to sell, it makes sense to select that manufacturer. For example, if you want to sell stylish winter dresses, it makes sense for you to work with an experienced manufacturer in that segment.

What is the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)?

Before you start working with a manufacturer, make yourself acquainted with its MOQ. Understandably, it refers to the minimum number of items you need to purchase in a single order.The MOQ of different manufacturers is different. And you will rarely find a manufacturer without an MOQ.

You need to know the MOQ beforehand. Because if you start working with a manufacturer without knowing its MOQ, it might so happen that the manufacturer can ask you to buy a large quantity when you place your first order. You might not afford it. Even if you can afford to buy that quantity, it is not a good idea to purchase in large quantities because you might not be able to sell the entire quantity. As a result, you will have excess stock that will be challenging to move. As such, you should not fail to ensure that you can manage the MOQ before you start working with a manufacturer.

Does the Manufacturer Provide Product Samples?

Trying before buying is the best purchasing philosophy. And that is why you should know the quality before purchasing. It helps to figure out whether the product conforms to your needs.

Before you finalize an apparel manufacturer for your business, make sure that it provides samples of its products before placing an order.

When you get the samples, you can examine the products to ensure that they are the right fit for your business. It can also help you to ask for some adjustments in the products to suit your business. 

The best thing to do is bring up the context of providing samples with your prospective manufacturer early on. Usually, the top apparel manufacturing companies provide their product samples to buyers before purchasing.

What Are the Shipping Costs?

It might so happen that you tend to focus more on the product quality and suitability for your business, overlooking an important aspect the shipping fees of the manufacturer.

You should not miss out on this vital piece of information because it adds to the total cost of your order. Therefore, you should not fail to ask the manufacturer about its shipping fees.

If you find the shipping costs too high, you can do away with the manufacturer and work with a different manufacturer with competitive shipping fees.

What Is the Manufacturer's Production Capacity?

The need for knowing the manufacturer's production capacity might not arise during the initial stages of your business. But, it will occur when your business flourishes.

During the early days of your business, you are most likely to focus on getting orders and making as many sales as possible.
But, when your business grows, your inventory will get sold quickly. So, the manufacturer has to supply apparel in proportion to your sales to replenish your depleting stock.

Therefore, you need to ensure that the manufacturer will be able to supply apparel quickly and with higher capacity in the future.
Usually, apparel export houses in India have a higher production capacity. So, it can be a good idea for you to work with such a supplier.

Do not fail to ask the manufacturer about its production capacity, making sure that it can enhance the supply if needed. Also, ask for its turnaround or lead time, which is the duration the manufacturer needs to fulfil your order. Ensure the turnaround time is less so that you need not wait for long to receive supply against an order, losing potential customers.

Research the Manufacturer

Finally, you should try to know more and more about the manufacturer. It will help if you research the manufacturer by going through the reviews of its past customers and ordering samples. If possible, visit its factory to have a view of its manufacturing process.
The underlying intent of the research is to ascertain the quality of the manufacturer's products. And, you should ensure that the manufacturer supplies top-quality products.

Bear in mind that your reputation will hinge on the quality of women apparel you will sell. Therefore, it is an excellent idea to pay slightly higher for high-quality clothing instead of risking your reputation by trying to save money by going for sub-standard apparel.

The Final Words

Choosing the proper manufacturer is crucial before you start your women apparel business. It is one of the critical aspects that determine whether or not you will eventually succeed in your business. Therefore, you should not undermine the need to actuate the essential steps to select the proper manufacturer.

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