Psychological Findings on Relationship between Clothes and the Emotional States

Psychological Findings on Relationship between Clothes and the Emotional States

All of us often go beyond the call of duty to look nice not only on special occasions but also in our everyday life. But, there is no dearth of people who often feel guilty when it comes to spending some time on everyday clothing. They consider this activity a sheer waste of time as well as money and keep living life without understanding the real power of clothes. The term everyday clothing is really very broad in meaning and affects us in manifold ways.

After different researches, science has now suggested that clothes cannot be described as only the medium to cover our body for social and cultural causes. Clothing has a close connection with different aspects of personality. The research and development (R&D) wing of almost all the reputed womens clothing exporters in India always studies these surveys to keep pace with what people want for a perfect dressing sense.

It is now a proven fact that how we dress can be a great differentiator both in our personal and professional life. But the unfortunate fact is that most people still don’t believe in it. Various researches on how clothes impact our behavior suggest that the clothes we wear have a very close connection with how we think and behave. Dresses also have got a big role to play in setting our moods and resetting our approach towards life. Enclothed cognition is the term used to describe the effect of the following:

  • Psychological processes like emotions
  • The way we evaluate ourselves
  • The way we approach things in life
  • The way we develop our attitudes
  • The way we behave in our interpersonal behaviors.

Every piece of clothes that we wear has a symbolic meaning that affects our mood and behavior. How clothes affect us can be understood better from the following instances:

  • We consider some clothes powerful and others ordinary
  • We never go to our offices wearing clothes that we use at home in our everyday life
  • We often evaluate people at first sight based on their clothes
  • We often differentiate people based on how they dress on different occasions
  • We consider those people rich whom we met the first time but with a great dressing sense
  • We often evaluate ourselves based on our roles and clothes on a particular occasion.


What all it means is that the overall experience of putting on something not only affects our attitude and choices but also our behavior in a very subtle manner. As far as occasions are concerned, woven garment exports in India are increasing by leaps and bounds every year because these clothes do full justice to the occasion they are put on.

Dress Better, Feel Better

The power of dressing sense can be understood from the fact that it not only affects the way how others see you but also what you feel about yourself. In the world of psychology, there is an ever-growing interest in finding a relation between our emotional status and what we wear. Some recently concluded studies suggest that the people who wear what they like remain cheerful more than those who are forced to wear clothes against their will. Moods, attitudes, psychological behavior, and how we look at life have a close connection with what we wear.

Another study suggests that the people who are always indifferent to their dressing sense are generally found depressed, dejected, and downcast. Such people don’t have a positive attitude towards life, and for some reasons, they also lose interest, enthusiasm, and fervor in life. There are moments in life when we make our decisions based on the mood of the occasion. It is because certain outfits manufactured and supplied by the men’s and women’s clothing exporters have the power either to make us feel better or even more confident. Some types of clothes can also make us feel shy. It can be considered a cycle involving stimuli and responses.

On the other hand, a certain mood can make us opt for some particular type of clothes that reinforce the way we are feeling at that particular moment. Wearing cheerful and vibrant clothes can make us feel good – women are the finest example of the same.

Clothing sense between men and women

Various studies have revealed that women are always more particular about clothes than men. Women can keep shopping for many hours for suitable clothes for themselves while most men adopt a random approach as far as clothing is concerned. There is no dearth of men’s instances where women of the house take the final decision about what men should wear on a particular occasion. In Indian culture, on occasions such as marriage, ladies of the house decide what will best suit the groom. What’s more, women are found to have even more knowledge about women’s clothing exporters, brands, and variants than men in all parts of the globe.

The right approach towards clothes

Clothing is not about just covering bodies. It is much more than that. It can be considered both an art and science in which not everybody can be considered an expert. The right kinds of clothes manufactured and supplied by the men’s and women’s clothing exporters have a direct connection with our confidence and the way we look at life. Developing or adopting a good dressing sense is mandatory if you want to make your mark both in your personal and professional life. To achieve your goal, you need to study the environment in which you live and work, the kind of body structure you have, and what suits you best. With the right kind of clothes, you will observe a complete transformation of your personality as well as the way you look at life.

Concluding Remarks

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