Selecting a Quality Mens Shirt Manufacturer: Effective Tips

Selecting a Quality Mens Shirt Manufacturer: Effective Tips

If you run a men's shirts retail store, you are in a highly competitive arena. With many competitors around, you might find it challenging to maintain your profitability if you do not take the quality of the shirts you sell seriously.

Being into the business must have taught you that the quality of shirts is a crucial factor that plays a significant role in making your business run along your desired lines.

While good quality can make your business flourish, bad quality can pull your business down.

Therefore, you should ensure that you sell good quality men's shirts in your store. Such products can keep your customers happy and give them the value of their money. And it also renders the probability of them becoming returning customers higher. As a businessman, you want your customers to return to your store for their subsequent purchases.

So, you should source shirts from men’s shirt manufacturers that supply quality material. But, the question that arises in this context is how you will identify such manufacturers. And the answer is that you can do so if you examine the following parameters of your prospective manufacture(s):

The Price

There is an adage—‘you get what you pay for'-- that is quite relevant in the context of the price versus quality argument.

Despite price being not a good indicator of clothing quality, it can point you in the right direction.

You will find the prices of some men's shirts very high because of a firm brand image or due to the fabric quality.

Likewise, the prices of handmade shirts constructed from high-quality fabric and with unique designs are also higher.

You can figure out that the prices of the shirts indicate quality in both cases.

So, you can consider the price as an indicator of quality to some extent. But, it is not a clear indicator.

You can get a rough idea of whether the price for the shirt brand indicates its quality if you consider the quality of shirts of different manufacturers at the price level. If their shirt quality is high, you can assume that the shirt brand you are evaluating is also high in quality.

Brand Image

Men's shirts manufacturers with solid brand images tend to supply high-quality shirts. So, you can regard the brand image as an indicator of shirt quality. But, again, it can be confirmed only to some extent. And, you should be aware that brand images can also be misleading at times.

Most brands earn their reputation and position because of their high-quality shirts. And, they invest in advanced technologies to produce such shirts.

But, there has been a dilution in the brand image during the last few years. It happened because many companies producing sub-standard shirts have acquired a vital brand status due to wise advertising and marketing tactics. Moreover, business practices, such as employee reduction, cost-cutting, and outsourcing manufacturing to cheaper companies can hamper the shirt quality.

Therefore, it is not a good idea to go by the brand image alone. It will help if you research the brand and its shirts to figure out the quality.

The Fabric

Examining the fabric of the shirts you want to purchase can be an excellent way to figure out the quality of the shirts. But, you need to have good knowledge about fabrics to determine their quality. If you do not know or know little about fabrics, you should do the homework to acquire sufficient knowledge about the nitty-gritty aspects of fabrics.

What you can do is, you can read about fabrics and talk to a local fabric dealer to know how fabrics are made and what determines the quality.

You can look at the following parameters of a shirt that can help to figure out the quality

• Whether the collar construction is strong
• Whether there are at least 14 stitches per inch—the more stitches per inch, the stronger are the seams—so the shirt is less likely to come apart over time.
• Whether there is a split yoke on the shirt's upper back —shirts with split yokes have a better fit.
• Whether a gusset is attached to the bottom of the side panels of the shirt—it reduces the stress of form-fitting shirts.

Button Quality

Buttons are a good indicator of shirt quality. It will help if you examine the buttons of the shirt brand you want to buy. Usually, the Mother of Pearl button is more costly than the standard plastic button, which is more susceptible to breaking and cracking than the other button.

It is good to look at whether the buttons are hand sewed and if there is a shank between the buttons and the shirt's placket. The shank is a sewing technique that allows some separation between the buttons and fabric.

The gauge of the buttons should be at least 3mm thick. Thin buttons are not strong and can fall out of the buttonhole.Moreover, you can regard buttonholes with a high stitch count as an indicator of a well-crafted shirt.

History of the Manufacturer

The next thing you can do is, find out for how long the men's shirt manufacturer you shortlisted has existed. If the manufacturer has been in business for a long duration, say around four decades, you can be sure that it has undergone many ups and downs that taught them how to serve customers the best.

Also, you can get the assurance that the manufacturer will continue to be in business for a long time. And, you can expect quality shirts from the manufacturer. As such, it can be safe for you to build a relationship with such a manufacturer.

You should ensure that you build a business relationship with good brands because they usually provide high-quality shirts.

Check whether the Manufacturer is into Exports

It can be a good strategy for you to partner with men's shirts exporters to source products for your business. It is because exporters usually supply good quality shirts. After all, they do business with foreign clients. So, they try to maintain their reputation in the overseas markets by preserving the quality element.

Therefore, check whether your prospective manufacturer is into exports. If so, it can be an indicator of the exporter supplying high-quality shirts. Consequently, you can enter into a partnership with the manufacturer.

The Final Say

It cannot be a good strategy to risk your business by selling low-quality shirts. It can elicit profits for the short term but will break your business in the long term. So, you should not undermine the quality element. As such, you need to ensure that you work with a trusted and quality manufacturer.

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